For People Preparing For An Uncertain Future or Living Off Grid

Welcome To Mountainview – Off Grid Living Blog. This blog is for people to share ideas, experiences with equipment they’ve purchased, emergency preparedness and off grid living items for sale, disaster survival experiences, actually anything to do with emergency preparedness or off grid living.

Please be civil. No cussing or name calling. We are all adults and should act like it. If anyone breaks these very simple rules their posts will be deleted and they will be banned from the site. Other than that, if you have something to sell, or are looking for something in particular please feel free to post it. If you have had a good or a bad experience with something you’ve purchased, please let everyone know.

Mountainview Off Grid Living tests products and if they meet our quality standards we offer them for sale on our website at We currently offer The Kimberly Stove, Sun-Mar Composting Toilets, Propur Water Purification Systems, GrainMaker Grain Mills

Happy Blogging!!
Sue Williams
Mountainview – Off Grid Living