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This page is dedicated for those people in IDAHO who are looking for other like minded people. Please post your general area and contact information either a phone number or email where others can contact you. We realize everyone should observe OPSEC so please do not post your exact location.


  1. Ron says:

    We’re in the McCall area, not really looking to join a group but would be interested in get together for general conversation and discussion.

  2. Sue says:

    My husband and I are still looking at remote off grid properties in Northern Idaho. We have found a few we want to look at. Does anyone have information on septic systems for this kind of living? What are the Laws?

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you!

  4. Dela says:

    I have a little over 2 acres asking $10,000 per acre will carry papers with down. If you send me your email I will send you pictures and maps.

  5. Aaron & Ashley says:

    Hello everyone! I noticed there hasn’t been a post on here in a while but I have to ask for some advise and direction. After extensive research my family and I have decided that we would like to move off grid in idaho. Where we are having trouble is finding a piece of land of a decent size to homestead on for a reasonable price. I have talked to several realators with one of them telling me that the st. Maries/Fernwood area is pretty sketchy but there is cheap land there. Any suggestions on safe, affordable, off grid land and/or areas to look at? I would like to work with someone on owner financing if at all possible and prefer to pay it off relatively quick.

    • Cory James says:

      I have several parcels for sale on Lake Waha, and I would entertain owner contract. 208*305-3342

      • Susan Works says:

        Hi Cory
        My husband and I are also looking at off grid property. May I contact you as Well? We live in Southern Idaho now

      • Cory James says:

        Yes you may. My # is 208-305-3342 and my home # is 208-926-0082 Thanks

      • Cory James says:

        I have 3 lots for sale 15 miles from Lewiston, Idaho. One lot is at the end of the road. $99,500 My road is gated, so you have to go through the gate to get to it, and once you get there, you are at the end of the road. There is 200 plus ft of Lake frontage, lot of timber, a partial cat road that goes all the way down to the lake, to a cove known as “Big Bass Cove”, (a perfect place for a boat dock sits waiting), w/ all the trees you could ever want for tree houses, numerous camp/cabin sites or what have you. . . there is already electricity and septic on the property, water lines to the lake, and a place to build. There is no building on the site as of yet and no well, but the wells in that area only go down 180 feet, and I have an estimate for $8000 to put one in. There is more game than you need to live on; turkey, deer, grouse, duck, geese, trout, bass, perch and an occasional elk. Assorted berries, wild strawberries, huckleberries, blackberries, raspberries and mushrooms; bole’os, corrals, and morrels. 4 wheeler trails, and a bug out zone straight into the Craig Mountains. This property is loaded with tamerak, red fir, white fir, cedar, and pine. Privacy is one of the biggest pluses to this parcel and It is perfect for preppers, survivalists, or anyone that is just tired of living with restrictions. There is soo much more than to the property than I can tell you in writing. This is something that you need to see in person.

        Because it is so hard to get loans on timbered land or any bare land in general, I am willing to do a owner contract on these parcels. I want 35% down (depending on lot), and depending on what I am actually offered and accept – the interest and payment plan will follow.
        The lake will freeze over in the winter and ice fishing is great. The best fishing in the whole lake is in my cove, and I average a fish every five to ten minutes of fishing. There are a few 5 acre parcels that are owned by out-of-towners and they come up once every year or two. There are no regulations to maintain the road and no kind of association fees, but as the major land owner (including the majority of the road leading into the property) I keep it plowed. There are cat roads cut around the land, but it is up to the land owners if they want to keep them cleared. Most don’t because they like it natural, but I like to ride my horses and my 4 wheelers, so I keep mine cleared for the most part.
        I would consider a nice motorhome, pickup or heavy equipment as a partial trade.
        I also have a 5.5 acre lot for sale as well. It has a 780 square foot Yurt on it and a 900 sq foot pole building. The Yurt is all self contained and will sleep 3-4 full kitchen, bath, laundry, and wood stove. $145,000.
        The last lot sits between 2 homes, has its own dock, and beautiful campsite. It also has bug out trails that lead into the Craig Mountains. $75000 Only 2 neighbors, and both are amazing.
        All of my lots have lake frontage. I have several pictures of all 3 lots. If you want to see any of the lots, just give me a call or shoot me a message. 208-305-3342

    • Outdoorfamily says:

      What is the reason st. Maries/Fernwood area is pretty sketchy ? My husband and I are looking at property in that area.

      • Harvey Brown says:

        Yes st Marie’s Fernwood it’s cheap but u have to deal with the code enforcement do ur research don’t listen to people try to make u move to those 2 places then you will find out later in 2015 we move to plumber just to find out that in order for u to build any storage a home or anything u have to build to code that’s y we move to bonner ferry look up bonner ferry County u be happy if u 2 u will thanks me later good luck happy searching God bless

    • Cory says:

      Hello. I have 5 plus acres with 2 homes and a 3500 square ft garden, pastures, storage, privacy all in Idaho county, where no building permits are required. It is 1 mile from the south fork of Clearwater river. Comes with full mature berry and fruit orchards, private well and borders abundant hunting lands. My # is 2083053342.

  6. Casey says:

    Canyon county

  7. kristine says:

    Interested in talking to someone who needs a place to stay in idaho,near lewiston.
    We also own a geothermal Home in Garden Valley that we just listed for sale.Can carry some on that one for right person.you can call 2089015465

  8. john doe says:

    We are interested in renting /trade with the right person/persons. We’re on 18 acres near Coeur d’Alene not going to say exactly where here.but,you can reach us at 2088758752

    • Sandy says:

      I would like to join a group of preppers in the Meridian/Boise area. I’ve been doing my own emergency basic prepping but really want to join a group that is like minded that I can learn from … is there a group out there? Thanks

  9. Joe says:

    Check out Clark Fork, id

  10. Joe says:

    I have 5 acres 5 miles off the pavement in the mountains behind Clark Fork, the septic is in there’s a shared well with water on the property I have a 2000 watt solar array with a 3500 watt outback inverter and charge controller package the solar panels are up but the rest of the solar equipment is still in the box. I am asking 99k for the property with the solar system or 75k with out the solar system. Half the property is cleared for building a house , shop and garden the rest of the property is wooded. There is a 700+ acre parcel behind my land with nothing but forest with national Forest behind that and there are vacation/prepper retreats on either side of my land. message me if your interested or have questions . hicksjn@gmail.com

  11. Jim says:

    208 546-2824
    Eagle and Meridian ID

    I am learning that I might be a prepper. I am also an architect, I own a business, and I am on 5 acres where I soon will the building my new home. I’m looking for a like-minded group in the Eagle area that I might start engaging for the purpose of prepping and learning with them as well as confidants on in my area.

    • Hi Jim. We are in Nampa. 615-6331

    • Steven Tanner says:

      Jim I live in Nampa. I am interested in meeting other preppers for similar reasons as you gave. I figure the more shared knowledge may be mutually beneficial depending on areas of expertise. From reading and discussions I’ve had seems people stand a better chance when SHTF in groups than alone.

      Also We are kind of new to area. Are there prepper type meetings at a fairgrounds or something like that?

      • Chemae says:

        Hi , I was just wondering if you found out about any meetings or groups in the area. My husband and I just moved here from Denver and want to get with like minded people. Please email me and let me know

    • Chemae says:

      My husband and I are new to IDAHO, from Denver, and would like to get with other preppers in the area. We are in Kuna. Do you know of any groups or meetings of any sort?

  12. The Bishop says:

    Hello my name is the Bishop we will be arriving in Idaho in next spring in 2017.
    We will be building an Orthodox Church. This is an independent Orthodox Mission Church to bring people together in love in Christ Jesus. We will be living off the grid.

  13. Keary says:

    What does anyone know about Weiser, ID? I saw some 5 acre lots 6-8 miles north of the town. Thanks for any insights.

    • We looked at Weiser. There are many properties there that have CC&Rs that do not allow you to have animals. Also, close to the Weiser River gets ice damming during hard winters and floods.

      • KearyD says:

        Thanks for your reply. Is there a better place near there to consider? We are trying to stay near Ontario so our kids can attend Treasure Valley Community College. We also have younger kids in elementary and high school. We narrowed our search to Weiser because we liked some information we saw online about the schools. We home school and participate in the “Open Access” (Tim Tebow Law) that Idaho offers. The law makes it possible to participate in on-campus classes and extra-curricular activities while the kids are schooling at home. Finding a community with land for off-grid living under $50k, and near so many educational options hasn’t been easy, so your suggestions are appreciated.

      • How far can you be from the Boise area? That will narrow down the search?

  14. Keary says:

    Don’t care about the proximity to Boise. We only care about being within 20-30 of a community college and very near decent elementary, junior high, and high schools.

    • Cambridge and Council are great areas for preppers but are about 2-3 hours from Boise. Look at the area between Marsing and Homedale. Good growing area. No CC&Rs. Good water. Great people. Not far from any of the Community Colleges. Good schools.

  15. Steven Tanner says:

    hello we just moved up from Southern Calif to Nampa. Looking for a retreat property in either the New Meadows or the area around Bovill/Deary that can be farmed part of the year and no CCRs.

    Also looking to meet other preppers down here in Treasure Valley area for conversation and possibly joining a prepper community. Life time computer guy, who knows some about firearms. Learning off-grid solar technology and studying basic medicine. considering EMT study.

    • Be sure around New Meadows to check well reports. A lot of areas around there on solid rock with not a lot of dirt. You’ll need to stay away from the many subdivisions to get no CC&Rs. We looked for awhile around that area and finding no CC&Rs is just too hard.

  16. Bev says:

    Looking for like minded preppers in Boise area but interested in moving to a very rural area. I’m an elderly, disabled, retired single woman with a good retirement income. My 46 yr old son lives with me and helps care for me. Plz contact me thru my email.

  17. Bev says:

    Oops. I asked that I be contacted thru my email, but after I posted my comment I see emails are not published. This site is new to me, so not really certain just how this procedure takes place.

  18. johary R says:

    Hi everyone,
    We are heading to the treasure valley soon to look for land. I will be meeting with a realtor there. Any suggestions? or things I should be looking for specifically in reference to the land. We are coming from Fl so terrain is very different. We are looking for a minimum of 5 acres as we would like to grow our own food and have some livestock. We want to built of the grid earthbag or strawbale home, use solar panels, compost toilets and rainwater catchment system such as gutter-cistern system. Thanks I really appreciate any input.

    • Hi Johary. I live in the Treasure Valley. Feel free to email me at mountainviewoffgridliving@yahoo.com or give me a call at 208-615-6331. I don’t know how soon you plan to come but now would not be a good time. We are under feet of snow so will be hard to view any “land”. I can give you some good leads. We are also looking for property so I have studied most of the areas around here including the geology. Idaho is so different from Florida. My family lives in Florida so I know what I am talking about. Give me a call.

  19. James Ollom says:

    I live in the Kendrick area .
    Land is cheap . Perfect area for me .

  20. Hello, I am Cory and I have a few different parcels that I would sell on Waha lake at the base of Craig Mountain. Perfect for off-grid or partial off-grid – whatever you are looking for. I already have bugout zones cut through the hills for a quick getaway – if ever needed. . . I can be reached at 208-305-3342

  21. susan says:

    Hi Cory My Husband and I are looking in that area for property. Do you have pictures?

  22. Craig Mack says:

    I am looking to hook up with a group of people or organization in northern Idaho who is preparing in a way similar to the folks involved with My Ozark Mountain Homestead.

  23. Cindy says:

    Craig, I might have missed another posting of yours but either way I have no idea what you have going on in your area so as to see if we are similar. To add to that why would you want to know about us out here when you are 2, miles away? just seeking information much as you are.

  24. Good afternoon! I would love to answer any real estate questions you have. Call me anytime at 208-917-3459 or visit or real estate website at http://www.idahorealestatedreams.com to view property.

  25. Ann says:

    Hi! I’m a 57 yr old lady in Idaho Co. doing the best I can to learn and live this. I can be reached at reddtail17@gmail.com. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from others in my area for friendship and sharing!!!

  26. Marlene says:

    We have a patriot prepper group w/ folks from Canyon, Ada, Gem, and Owyhee Counties. Most of us are ham radio operators. Looking for other like-minded folks to join us.

    • Hi Marlene. I would like to talk to you. We are in Canyon County

    • Glenn says:

      My name is Glenn. I travel the country working with veteran crisis suicide intervention. I am a three tour Vietnam veteran, green beret. I distribute a plant based cancer curing supplement that can be very important to SHTF prepper situations.please feel free to contact me. 541-351-1856, presently near sand point Idaho passing thrust looking to meet like minded patriot peppers.

      • bobbi says:

        hello glenn, i don’t know if you run across individuals that might be interested in property or moving to north idaho, but i am selling my home and 6 acres of land in north idaho, 20 miles north of moscow, idaho. i’d be happy to share more information with you. thanks.

  27. Bill Carpenter says:

    Looking for property in northern Idaho primarily in Nordman area,upper priest lake.Hopefully cheap land with water..2 to 5 acres.

  28. James Ollom says:

    Lots of property for sale up on 3 bear

  29. the Pattons says:

    Hi we are a family of 9 ( 5 girls 2 boys) looking to move to Idaho county we would love to move to elk city area but I still need to be able to work so we are looking for small towns that would be good potential for some work I have Plumbing, Septic repair, Class A Cdl also pump septic and can install septic tanks and some excavating experience ,we already live in a 40′ 5th wheel (on purpose) and am in the process of making it long term off grid capable so the only thing we would need is a creek to pull out from so if anybody has any ideas we would be grateful for any info

    • Joe says:

      have you considered up around sandpoint, ID for your trade skills you would not have a problem finding work in that region . If your interested i have 5 acres just above clark fork, ID for sale for way under market value trying to liquidate some of my assets. we lived up there for a few years it was a nice off grid property had a massive house fire our log home burnt to the ground but the property still has water and a septic on it. on the back side of our property is 900 acres of private land that no one lives on the owner let us hike and ride our quads on it and he is backed by national forest. and to the front of our 5 acres is another family with kids to the right and left of our property are vacation/hunting properties. the entire area is off the grid properties. if your interested give me a shout.

    • Harvey says:

      Looking to move up north Idaho hopefully will happen sometime soon

    • Dave says:

      Hello, I understand this is a very old thread. As a husband and father of five looking to move to northern Idaho and live pretty much the way you guys were living (until we can get something built on land) at the time of this post I’m curious to see how things have come along. Would you be willing to take the time to exchange contact info? Take care

      • Cory James says:

        I have 2 homes on 5 acres in Idaho county for sale. Creek running through it with fish . Pasture and barn. 2 bed 2 bath, and 5 bed 2 bath. $395000. I won’t rent to own.

  30. Chuck says:

    Living in Idaho Falls. Just moved here from San Antonio and we are looking for a small group.

  31. Joe says:

    I have 5 acres in clark fork , id for sale for under market value we are asking $43,900 i just dropped the price the value according to our taxes the property value is 75,000 for 2016. it was our off the grid property we had a massive house fire 1 1/2 yrs ago where our log house burnt up. the property has water and septic on it has a few nice building sites on it . half of the property is wooded the other half is cleared. The property is a 15min drive down the mountain to downtown clark fork and lake pend oreille pronounced lake ponderay. 45 min drive to sandpoint, ID

    we have moose on the property regularly along with deer, elk, bears (grizz and black bear), the occasional cougar turkeys and lots of grouse
    on the back side of the property is bordered by 900 acres of private land all wooded
    to the right and left are vacation homes
    and to the front of the property is a family with a few kids

    all the homes in this area are all off grid . no electricity available. either solar or generator

    the realtor took horrible pictures.sorry
    there is no travel trailer on the property its now just raw land with the exception of the water and septic tank

    you can check it out on realtor.com here

  32. Greg Banks says:

    Looking for a cabin, with water on property. I have my CDL, my wife’s the mad canner, wine maker home cooking your grandparents did. Wanting to get away from people. Need help finding someplace, have a house to sell in TN.

  33. chris says:

    North Idaho
    looking for a home builder familiar with off grid services

  34. Cory James says:

    I have 3 different 5+ acre parcels for sale on Lake Waha. they all have 200+ feet of lake frontage. One has septic already in w/elec. and no structure, one is bare land, and one has a 800 sq.ft. Yurt already to move into, and comes with a 900 sq.ft pole barn w/well and septic and elc. I may consider owner/contract if enough money is paid down. You can reach me at 208-305-3342. All 3 of these lots are a preppers Heaven. All sit inside of a locked gate community with only 2 other like minded neighbors. This all sits at the base of Craig Mountains, and I have punched a bug out road straight into the mountains.

  35. Dean says:

    I have been prepping all of my life and am 61.I find most of what I read to be nonsense.I have 15 or twenty Dutch ovens,sheep herder stoves solar ovens etc.I have always had a year’s supply of food.etc,etc.I am one of those old guys that was raised without elbehind my nackelectricity.l realise that you need someone to watch your back because their are so few people I want behind my back I’m old and as ready as I can be.I hate pushing these little buttons.I have a lot of first hand knowledge to give for free

    • Lou williams says:

      Dean, did you ever make contact with like minded people? I am new to Sandpoint and would be interested in meeting upIl.


  36. Andrew says:

    I have a brand new solar powered freezer a big one
    And solar controllers (MPPT type) and brand new batteries and a backup Ecu for freezer in a faraday cage I need to sell

    The ultimate in prepping and food storage here
    100% self sustaining,

    Asking what I have in it, I’m in kuna Idaho
    And need to pay off some debt ,

    Please lmk if interested, it’s all high end gear brand new bought a few months ago


  37. Alex says:

    Been.watching a lot news and checking the signs, all signs point to soon. Wanted to join a group of likeminded individuals.

    • Michelle says:

      All signs point to Idaho for me and my family as well, brother. Will be there next summer. Where are you trying to land? Do you have kids? What are your goals for moving to ID?

  38. Ron in Arizona says:

    Wife and I are living in Arizona and want to make the move to Idaho in the spring of 2019. Looking at Boise valley and Hayden area. We welcome candid advice on the two areas. Purchasing a subaru outback this fall for transportation in the north. Lived in Colorado a long time and looking forward to getting back to 4 seasons. Don’t like the politics in Colorado any more. Looking at retirement in a few years or have a small business of our own. We want away from the Mexico border as we are being overrun with illegal trespassers. Would love to start a line of communication with like minded people in Idaho. We are not extremists, we are realists. We can’t fix the problems of the country, but we can fix our little piece of it and help like minded others.

    • Michelle says:

      Have you and your wife made it to Idaho yet Ron? If so, whereabouts did you land? We have like minded close relatives headed outside of Boise at the end of summer and my family will be there next year. Ready to carve out our little piece of paradise away from the current clown world!

    • bobbi says:

      hello, i don’t know if you are still interested in property, i am selling my home and 6 acres of land in north idaho, 20 miles north of moscow, idaho. i’d be happy to share more information with you. thanks.

  39. Jj says:

    Great website . Should be a forum format.

    God bless Idaho!

  40. IdahoBound says:

    Moving 30 min north of Boise soon. Looking for my prepper community, preferably Christian families. Anyone in this area and get together often?

  41. bountyhunter44 says:

    Great job on that article. Well thought out. As a side note, we have a spring just outside or Priest Lake. We noticed this year, already, there is much less flow than last year. Eventually it may run dry mid summer as we continue through this climate. Water is life.

  42. bobbi says:

    hello all searching for their place away from it all. i am selling my 6 acre farm. it has a 3 bedroom / 2 bath manufactured home on it. it is not off the grid, but it’s at the top of a hill not surrounded by a lot of trees and would be easy to add solar, wind or hydro (being next to the palouse river). also being at the top of a hill, it’s easily defensible. i’ve put in a fruit orchard consisting of apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries, several varieties of each. i’ve also planted blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, along with kiwi and grapes. there is a large garden area, a barn and the perimeter of the property is fenced. there are LOTS of like minded folks in the area. moscow, home of university of idaho is 20 miles to the south and pullman, home of washington state university is 7 miles west of moscow. it’s a 4 season climate. i would be happy to answer questions or to point in the direction of listing agent. thanks. leavesinfall@hotmail.com

  43. Shane Martucci says:

    Looks like next year is finally the year my family and I are going to escape Hellifornia. Looking at relocating to the Cour De Alene area. My son and I are the only preppers in the house. My wife and daughters dont care anything about it. Im hoping to meet like minded folks in the area.

  44. russ says:

    Started new prep group VA. Looking for bylaws/constitution from another group so we can adapt to ours. Do we really need these? Can U provide if possible. Suggestions???? Help please.

  45. Etehan says:

    I’ve just recently gotten into prepping, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any prepper groups in the Treasure Valley area so I that I can start meeting some other preppers?

  46. Debbie Overman says:

    I am also interested in a prepper group in the Treasure Valley. I am in need of finding irrigated pasture in the Emmett area that is fenced and preferably cross fenced for grazing livestock. A small house would be an added bonus, but not necessary.

  47. Jerry says:

    Looking for like minded people to join should the SHTF. Northern Idaho-hauser lake rathdrum area.

  48. Mountainview Off Grid Living has a Katydid Stove for sale that was used for a demo. It has a length of pipe that comes with it. This stove sells for $3,995 + $350 shipping + cost of the pipe. For Sale for $3,500 but must be picked up in Nampa, Idaho. This stove will heat 2500 + sq ft. Will burn wood, extruded logs, coal, charcoal, pellets or if nothing else dried animal dung. It’s a high efficiency stove and puts out very VERY little smoke out of the pipe. If interested call 208-615-6331

  49. Harvey Brown says:

    It’s easy for people on this forum to say Northern Idaho is light minded people not if u a color people u will be look at u can see it u can hear it we have a place up bonner ferry now we have a second thought no matter how long you be up there u can tell u not welcomel so be true to ur self don’t lie God don’t like ugly thanks

    • K says:

      I’m not familiar with Bonners ferry I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience there But your statement is like saying that everyone in a particular city hates white people or hates Jewish people.People are people there are good and bad some are prejudice Some are not.We live in northern Idaho and have for 15 years our son is African-American and we have not had any such prejudice.And there are many people in our town from all different ethnicities.Some small towns can just be hard to fit in no matter what ethnicity you are.In some small towns can just be cliquish.We moved from California in the very small town in the mountains where we had a home for troubled teenagers which 98% were African-American.It was a very small town in the mountains.And I have never seen as much prejudice anywhere as I did there.But we held our heads up high and I taught the children to be proud and remember who they are.Booker T. Washington once you’re famous quotes that I’ve always remembered I shall let no man degrade my soul by making me hate them“.I taught them to love not to be loved back but just to love.God knows everything he sees everything and he loves everyone of us exactly the same.All my love and prayers to you❤️❤️🙏🙏

  50. Chris Loll says:

    I have 20 acres backed up to paper company land for sale in Sandpoint Idaho, you can contact my realtor Jeremy brown at realm realty,

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