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New Mexico Preppers

Welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. The place to meet like minded people in your area. Please visit our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com and if you have questions about food storage we are here to help.


  1. Alvin h. says:

    Looking to join a group of survivalist and share resources and protect community. Only me, wife and small dog. My basic skill set is advance trauma life support with other military and cold weather survival skills. Reach out.

    • Wric says:

      Hello Alvin, I too am looking to go off grid with a community. I am a 16 year veteran of the Army SF. I have weapons and ammo and the basic knowledge of living off grid. Tired of working for this Socialist government dragging our country down. Would like to meet like minded people.

    • Mark says:

      Where are you located?

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