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Oregon Preppers

This page is dedicated for those in OREGON looking for other like minded people. Please post some way of contact such as a phone number or email address. Please observe OPSEC and do not post your exact location.


  1. Prepper says:

    I am actively looking at buying a large ranch in North Eastern Oregon for when the SHTF.
    My concern is the growing lib-tards out of Portland are trying to change the gun laws to be more restrictive.
    I’m not sure on 2000 acres in NE of state if it will be followed or the rednecks out there really care about Portland folk…..
    Idaho and Montana is my preference, however, you just can’t get the same land quality for such a low price and population density is low.


  2. Mr. S says:

    PNW , looking for like minded in W-Valley

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