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This page is dedicated for people in MONTANA looking for other like minded people. Please post contact information such as a phone number or email address. Please observe OPSEC and do not post your exact location.


  1. darick says:

    Anyone have specs on a mountain wilderness hot tub?’ Haha I can’t wait to get out to Montana! It will be the highlight of this this nightmare we’ve been living thru. Living 4 miles from DT Portland hasn’t been great believe you me.. the wife and I and the daughter are hoping to head to Montana in a little more then a month. We’ll be riding out in our solar fifth wheel, f350 7.3 and the f150. I’m working on low db portable water set up if anyone wants chat about that. Serious about the tub too! Haha
    Over and out

    • Bill says:

      Hello from the helena mt. Area. Check out snorkel wood fired hot tubs. Heirloom seeds, well bucket, solar power. 12 volt well pump. Lived in montana25 years and love it. There is a storm coming….

  2. flatheadriverreserve says:

    We ARE SEEKING like minded people for our 3 site 12 ac RV compound fronting the Flathead River. It is located 1 hr from the I-90 Idaho border in the only 6A agri zone in Montana. The infrastructure has a 400’ pure water well, septic, cable internet, power and has access to a Hwy but behind a barrier gate. The land is fertile and located outside of US Govt Sovereignty. We are licensed ham radio operators and belong to a local club, etc. We are above average critical thinkers and are looking for the same. Best wishes everybody! Mike

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