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Idaho Preppers

This page is dedicated for those people in IDAHO who are looking for other like minded people. Please post your general area and contact information either a phone number or email where others can contact you. We realize everyone should observe OPSEC so please do not post your exact location.


  1. Justin says:

    Anyone else here looking for a group or is there a group I can talk to and maybe be a part of it?

  2. John says:

    Justin, I’m in the same boat as you. I’m putting feelers out for groups. I’m currently at a years supply of consumables plus I posses several assets across all major categories. Military veteran w/combat experience. I’m looking to relocate North and possibly join a group if I can find the right one. Happy to connect and chat if you want to send me an email (email relay preferred). Thanks

  3. Lyzzie says:

    Gooding county Idaho

  4. William Knox says:

    2083581149,, ww loc 60 miles west of Hailey, hwy 20, toward Mtn. Home, ww

  5. Warren says:

    Recently sold house in N Idaho looking for off grid community to live been prepping for a while now me my wife and 8 yr old son we have everything we need to survive supply’s and ammo wise currently living in class A motorhome possibly looking to winter in or build cabin with like minded people preferably in benewah co but open to all options

    • Marta Agnieszka Wilson says:

      Hi Warren, were you able to find an off grid community? I’m in the same boat. I live in Meridian, Idaho for now

      • Warren says:

        We were lucky enough to find a house for the winter to lease/ possibly buy in the spring depending on the way the world goes ! We’re in the sticks so There are many like minded people around us

    • Christine says:

      We are in St.M-Medimont area looking for like-minded Christian preppers.

    • Christine S. says:

      Did you find a group? We are in the St. Maries area.

  6. Michael T says:

    Sounds like I’m in the same boat as previous commenters. Year of food in Mylar bags. Ammo/guns/Judeo-Christian values. Pissed off conservative. I believe that will resonate with fellow peepers. Holler at me Twin Falls/Jerome area.

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